FAQ - Maintenance

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Rebuild or sell the house?

If you want to put the house up for sale, you should be very careful. Potential buyers may not like the changes you made. Do not forget that not all buyers share your tastes, and not everyone can like something on which you spent a lot of time and money.
Below is a list of what they will enjoy:
Additional bathroom or renovations of old
Improved kitchen
Adding a room
Adding a bedroom
Adding a garage
If you plan to stay in the house for a long time, you still should not overdo it with modifications. Maybe someday you'll still be selling the house, and even if your home is the best for the whole quarter, you will be hard to justify the higher price compared with the neighboring houses. Value of your home should not be above average by more than 20 percent. This means that investing $ 10,000 in kitchen renovations would be more justified than the hot tub.  



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